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BusinessPass VIP: Why BusinessPass VIP is Amazing Customers,Coaching Students and Clients?

By A&T Affiliates posted June 03, 2020

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This seems crazy! Why are you doing this?

We thought that over the last 20 years (while running our own successful online businesses) we were long overdue to leverage hundreds of industry contacts, business partners and service providers.

And to truly deliver a 'game-changer' to our own amazing clients, coaching students and clients.
We started with a simple rule: identify the best vocational training, the most effective tools and our preferred premium services and combine them all together to help you generate huge profits in one 'VIP LEVEL' spot, your businesses. Make your scale faster while fully optimizing. Workload.

Do I get access to all new rewards too?

Yes! Business Pass VIP will continue to grow with every new deal we negotiate with our partners. There will be more perks, new member rewards, and thicker and faster discounts - ongoing!


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And as a founding member, you have continued access to everything now and in the future and as long as you remain a member. 

Are there any recurring membership fees?

No! Not yet anyway ... During this current 'founding members' invitation period we are waiving all monthly or annual membership fees and zero renewal fees.

Today your investment is a one-time payment.  

Said that we will almost certainly switch to an annual subscription model in the very near future, so jump in while you still can and you will save thousands of dollars over the life of your membership.  


Are all rewards & Perks lifetime access passes?

Many are yes - (but not all) we rotated our arms as much as we can, but for purely operational reasons, not every contributor could provide lifetime access to all. So, you will find among the members rewards different levels of usage depending on the offer/platform or service. 

We guarantee that you are saving more than $ 20,000 right now and in the coming years - but in any instance where non-public testing or extended access is time-limited, we will ensure that it is in the member area Visible (and of course you will be able to cancel any non-lifetime reward offer at any time).  

You can check out the membership preview page here for more info on this and to see what's included right now.

What Happens if I miss out?

Don't Worry - Memberships always re-opening, click the here on the site and join the waiting list to get first chance of a place when we open the doors again.




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