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What's in a good Website Design? 

By A&T Affiliates posted June 10, 2020


In this article, I will write about website design, how it affects sales, and how it compares with other aspects of website management.

Let's list the various aspects of owning or maintaining a website.

Domain Name: How important is the domain name you choose for your website? Many people say this is not important, however, I have a number one list on Google, Yahoo, and MSN for domains that correspond to my domain name. It is very important.
You need a domain name that matches the keywords and phrases you use on your website. Most people want their company name to be their domain name. If you have a lot of money for advertising to search for people with your company name, I agree with you. If you don't have that advertising budget, you need a common domain name, a phrase people are already searching for.
Web Hosting: How important is choosing the right web hosting service for your website? Again, this is important in many ways. You need your website to load fast. If your website is slow, people will leave without buying anything. You should also choose a web hosting service that provides good technical support. There are many more things to consider when choosing a good web hosting service, but make sure that you rate it high on your website's list of important things. 

Web Design: How important is website design? Your website should look professional and reliable to build buyer confidence. A poorly designed website will cost you sales. However, this is the part that web designers hate on me, and it is not as important as many other aspects of website ownership and management. 

Many web designers know nothing about search engine optimization, good domain name selection, hosting, website promotion, or other issues. They only know design. In my opinion this is a good thing, but they need to tell their customers that they are a designer and cannot help their website to remain competitive in the market. Yes, there are some designers who know more than design, but most do not. remember this. 
It can be a beautiful website with no traffic and no money as well as an ugly website. An ugly website that has traffic and makes money is made more attractive by the dollar. 
Search Engine Optimization: How Important Is SEO For My Website? I was happy Again; most web designers do not know how to optimize a website for search engines. One needs to have expertise in SEO to ensure that your website is ready to be crawled and indexed by search engines. 
There is a time when SEO is about link building, website promotion, search engine marketing, etc. Times have changed somewhat and search engines have become more complex, so now most people specialize in some aspects of SEO. 
I define SEO to properly code a website, write the correct amount of text, and keywords and phrases, search engine submission, and some driving techniques.

Search Engine Marketing: What is SEM and how important is it to my website? Through my own search, engine marketing is marketing your website through Google AdWords, MSN AdCenter, and other keyword buying programs, as well as links, advertisements, and sponsored lists.
Again, most people these days specialize in the field of success. I am very good at SEO, but I have limited experience with SEM. Therefore, I can write a text that will help you attract your website, link building, and good search engine rank and traffic, but I am not the person you appoint to manage your AdWords program.
Website promotion: Another category associated with SEO and SEM. How important is this category? In my opinion, it tops the list. What is website promotion? This category includes article marketing, press releases, link popularity, biking traffic, blogging, forum posting, and more
SEMrush 2

Why do I think it's even more important? First of all, nothing stated here can stand alone. You need to consider all the various aspects that are important. However, search engines are constantly changing. Google puts your life in the hands of more or fewer search engines as it now accounts for 60% of all searches.

If a company has too much control over how well you perform on the web, if you are comfortable with it, just ignore the promotion of the website and do SEO and SEM. If you want to succeed then you need traffic from many sources. This way if a source dies, you are almost unaffected by only one or a few traffic sources. 

SEMrush 3
Focus on getting traffic from every source. Post comments on blogs and forums related to your topic. This means actually engaging with forums or blogs and actually engaging in conversations and post quality comments. Help people on forums and blogs. Ask questions No one cares if the link in your SIG line goes to your website, you are a real partner. If the object on time, a new place is found.
Start Your Own Blog You can put both if you really want to benefit from blogging. A blog in your domain name or subdomain can help you add new content to your website more often. Which helps in SEO. You can create a blog on another domain name and promote links to pages on your website and benefit from a little link popularity while giving users another way to find your website. The doorway page is the way to go. Blogs with their own domain names have replaced door pages as a way to go. 

Article marketing means writing articles and presenting them in article directories, writing quality articles, and providing exclusive content for topic-relatively high-traffic websites, and press releases are a great source of traffic, which is also link popularity. Increases The amount of traffic you get from people reading your article is higher than the traffic you get from search engines.
Because of this article, you are currently reading, I am getting new subscribers and registrations. Article marketing and website promotion work very well.  
I hope this article helped you understand that owning or maintaining a website is more than just getting a domain name, designing a website, and choosing a host. If you make it, they will fall and do not apply to websites. 



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