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How to Choose Cheap, Affordable Web Hosting!

By A&T Affiliates posted June 01, 2020


Basics 101: 

When you think about it, web hosting gives you the opportunity to put your web site online; This is the only way you can do it. No matter how big or small the content is, on your web site it happens that it has to go to the webserver.

A web server is only a larger and more powerful computer than its own. Your internet content only sits on this server so that people can access and view your information. Web servers are stored in data centers, you are simply renting some space on the server.
Why use a web hosting service:  
First of all, it is very affordable. Web hosting companies will oversee and update all the software needed to maintain your site, they will also add all security patches to ensure that your content is protected from hackers/viruses and unwanted spam.

Once you register your domain name (web site name), you will need to host it for the public to see your information. If you run into any difficulties, you will have a full technical support team to assist you. Hosting your own will cost a lot on hardware, bandwidth, and ongoing software updates.  
I heard about shared web hosting. What is it?  
When shopping for a web host company, you will find that many are providing shared web hosting. Shared web hosting is simply a server with multiple web sites sitting at once. You will be allocated a certain amount of disk space on the server and this may allow you to have multiple web sites hosted on one server.

Shared web hosting is a very secure service, even if you are sharing the server with many different companies. No other company will have access to your files. Many people think that using a shared service will make the web site work much slower, this is completely wrong, the information will be displayed and downloaded as fast as if it was on the server itself Was. Web host companies offer shared hosting to use all the space on the server, with no benefit for you or them to free up hard disk space. 

What is a good web host site? 
If you have developed a web site for a business opportunity or for online sales then you need credibility. Downtime costs you money, so less downtime gives you a better chance of making money. When it comes to hosting your site, you need to prepare a list of questions to ask the web host company. If unimaginative should happen and the site goes offline, you need guaranteed response time.

If you intend to sell products online, you need 24-hour access to your files with 24-hour support, most of your sales can be done in the evening or night time so that you have any issues Support that may arise. Statistics are also important; You need to know how many unique hits you are getting (people visiting your site) so that you can see the trend of people who are only buying. Some web host companies offer very adequate statistics, while others may be less informative, you should ask for a demonstration.  
Word of mouth is a great way to hear who is a good host and a bad host. If you know someone in the same position as you, ask their opinion from their experience. There are a lot of good honest web host companies out there, but like every market, there are some bad apples as well. Ask questions and make sure you are confident with the answers before joining. 

Web Hosting Options for Online Business
Once you register your domain, it is time to search for a home for your future web site. Before building your site, you should find a hosting company that is right for your business. Hosting has become affordable over the years. If you spend more than fifteen dollars per month, you are spending too much.  
Most small businesses should host their sites with a hosting company, as opposed to in-house hosting. In-house hosting requires IT staff and expertise. It is expensive, and it will never be reliable as a professional hosting solution. There is so much that can go wrong in your business, do not add another headache to your already busy schedule. The professionals do this for you.
Shared Hosting The most popular option for small business is shared hosting. Web servers running as shared hosts can hold many hundreds of web sites. This is a great way to get and save your domain online. 

Shared accounts for professionals are cheap. Quick and easy set up.
Cons limited bandwidth, shared IP address, limited storage, slow server response, more crashes, limited support, resource limitation  
The price can be as low as a few dollars per month.  

Pricing For VPS servers and DEAL OFFER* the Tiers are:
1. Tier One: up to 5 accounts at $10.88/month
2. Tier Two: 6-30 accounts at $15.88/month
3. Tier Three: 31-100 accounts at $29.88/month

Pricing For Dedicated servers**:
1. Tier One: up to 100 accounts at $29.88/month
2. Tier Two: 101-150 accounts at $34.88/month
3. Tier Three: 151-200 accounts at $39.88/month
4. Tier Four: 201-250 accounts at $44.88/month

Co-located Hosting 
A similar concept for dedicated hosting with one major difference. When you rent a server with a dedicated hosting account, you own the server with a compressed account. Instead of renting servers, you rent rack space. The selection service provider provides you with a connection to the Internet and optional support. You pay a fee for maintenance and bandwith.

Dedicated high traffic web sites require high performance dedicated hosting servers.
Pros: Dedicated servers are all about control. You are in complete control of the server. You can customize it in any way. If your web site becomes unavailable, you can blame yourself! Because the server is dedicated to your site, your site will load quickly. It is ideal for high bandwidth usage such as streaming video. Freedom to set up any program without any restrictions.  
Cons: More expensive than shared hosting.
Cost: from several hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars depending on the specific requirements. 




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